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Monday, 14 January 2013

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Pepaya, possessed latin name is Carica papaya. The word comes from the pepaya is papaja, the plant is expected to be brought by the Dutch into Indonesia, papaya fruit origin of southern Mexico.

there are two pepaya color, there are red and orange, to orange usually grows in low-lying areas and near the beach while red high-growth lowland or mountain.


Content of Pepaya:
1. energy
2. carbohydrate
3. protein
4. fat
5. Various minerals: calcium, and iron fosor
6. vitamin a, b1, and c (antioxidants)
7. substance papain

Pepaya benefits:
* Streamlining the digestive
* Prevent Cancer
* Prevent High Blood
* Preventing diabetes
* Enhance immunity (papain substances; able to arrange amino acids and helps remove toxins from the human body)
* Facilitate breastfeeding (breast milk)

The content of pepaya, leaves and even the flowers much beneficial for the health of the human body. So now do not hesitate to pepaya fruit consumption, this will be followed in detail the fruit, pepaya leaves and flowers for our health.

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